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Simple Design, Original and Efficient.

Selective glass / steel solar water heaters are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are known for their long life and efficiency.



The primary value of HERCULES is the satisfaction of its customers and partners value, which is also business guide.



By using high quality raw materials for the manufacture of our products, we ensure the greatest warranty on the market (10 years for the boiler, 10 for the collector).



Informing the customer about the use of our products 24 hours a day as well as immediate provision of technical service throughout the life of the product.



At HERCULES we believe that constant communication with our customers and partners is the key to establishing a relationship of trust and confidence.


The company HERCULES for the last 36 years is one of the leading purely Greek companies of solar water heaters and boilers.

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Hot water needs

Statistically, the average consumption in a family is 35 to 50 liters per day per person. If we add the consumption from the washing machine and the dishwasher in case they are connected to the solar system, then about 20 liters per day are required for each one (for one wash). So, for example, a family of four with an average consumption of 40 liters of hot water per person, needs a solar system 160lt. If we add home appliances connected to the solar system, then the needs increase by at least 40 liters per day. In order to take full advantage of the operation of the solar system, it is recommended to use hot water mainly during the day, so that the system has the ability to continuously reproduce hot water while it is sunny, maintaining its efficiency to the maximum.


Our principles

Our common vision motivates us to go further into new steps and achieve new milestones by making use of modern materials processing technology, proceeding with a view to ensuring quality at every stage, thus ensuring the continued growth of our family business.


Sense of responsibility

Looking you in the eye with the certainty that each of our products is suitable for use, durable, high quality, reliable and that it has undergone much more rigorous testing than those to be exposed in real conditions.