The company HERCULES SOLAR was founded in 1985 in Athens and is one of the leading purely Greek companies of solar water heaters and boilers of the latest technology.

The high quality of its products with SOLAR KEYMARK, ISO and CE certification of ELOT,
The duration and consistency of the guarantee,
The perfect construction quality of our solar systems,
Our great specialization in water treatment as well as his valuable advice, knowledge and experience for the chemical analysis and water quality of each area, gives us the opportunity to suggest the best solution for you!
The high strength of our solar systems in areas where the water is "hard" such as islands and coastal areas, we propose solutions with special constructions that include double internal enameling in Boilers against salts for greater efficiency and safety,
Our highly specialized technical staff,
Our constant desire for evolution, growth and innovation,
Our partners all over Greece that we thank for their trust all these years,
Our existing and new customers who choose the company HERCULES SOLAR, we thank them wholeheartedly for their preference that help us to continue and develop our work.
All the above factors are a driving force for the course of our company.
Having a network of partners throughout Greece,
The company HERCULES SOLAR is next to the individual, the installer, the construction companies and hotel units with dedication, professionalism and unbeatable quality of construction.

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