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Solar water heater 100lt - Double energy

Capacity 100 liters able to meet the needs of 1-2 people.
It has a boiler with titanium protection type glass and magnesium rod.
Selective collector with a total area of 1,5 sq.m.
Ηλιακός θερμοσίφωνας Hercules Solar
580,00 €
with VAT
Price / kg:
10 years for the boiler,
15 years for the collector



  • BUCKET: Heating vessel made of European steel plate type UST 37.2, thickness 2.5mm, tested at a pressure of 18atm with internal coating of hot enamel DIN 4753 TEIL 3 (GLASS)
  • INSULATION: Consists of 5cm thick polyurethane. Lining outside the bucket and the insulation made of stainless steel sheet 0.6 mm thick.
  • ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE: Power 4kW with four-pole thermostat.
  • PROTECTION FROM ELECTROLYSIS: From magnesium rod 22x300mm.
  • BASE: Made of galvanized sheet metal.

Collector selective TINOX (A 0.96 - E 0.05)

  • Collector case made entirely of aluminum strained construction.
  • Coating of the case with electrostatic polyester paint.
  • Ultra - Sonic all-copper hood.
  • Selective coating coating of titanium oxides.
  • Insulation from fiberglass and polyurethane.
  • Glass cover made of special crystal, unbreakable, low content of iron oxides (SOLAR GLASS).